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Tank Cleaning Services


Tank Cleaning Services

Most people just focus on purifying the drinking and cooking water as they don’t realise the importance that a clean tank holds on our lives. Therefore, there are quite a few cases in which customers ask for water tank cleaning services and the reason behind this is the lack of awareness. We would like you to bring it into notice that tank cleaning service has become a mandatory step that people are just skipping. Considering the fact that unclean tanks can give birth to various kinds of infections, water borne diseases and can endanger your health. Tank water is mostly used for house cleaning, washing clothes and utensils, bathing and brushing teeth and more. Due to the prolonged storage of water in tanks, elements like algae, sediments and scale get settled on the walls and bottom of the tank. After some time, these microorganisms foster and breed inside it leading to the dire need of water tank cleaning services.

Lack of cleaning makes the water unfit to be consumed by you and your loved ones and the bacteria present in the tank can make you really sick. It has been said that ‘better safe than sorry’ which perfectly suits the situation when Maxcleaners suggest you to get your water tanks cleaned. These services are mostly required once a year depending upon the quality of water supplied to your homes and they don’t even cost you much. We have a wide range of services and our own curated set of steps that we follow for thorough cleaning of water tanks. All you gotta do is trust us with the same.

Here are the certain steps that are followed by our expert cleaners to remove all the harmful and unneeded substances from the tank:

  • During the first step, the area around the water tank is thoroughly cleaned.
  • The second step involves the disinfection of the tools that are going to be employed during the water tank cleaning services.
  • Once it is done, the water tank is unloaded with the help of a sludge pump and sludge is taken out with that.
  • In the fourth step, our cleaners do manual cleaning or scrubbing to eliminate the settled soil or debris from the tank.
  • High pressure jet is used to clean out the tank and then a vacuum cleaner is utilized to suck out every last particle of dust from it.
  • In the last step, a liquid bleach or spray is applied and the tank is left to be dry before new water is filled. Tank cleaning service usually takes 4-6 hours to get completed.