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Commercial Water Tank Cleaning Services


Commercial Water Tank Cleaning Services

Maxcleaners private limited is a company which deals with several cleaning services and one of them is commercial water tank cleaning. They are not only the expert in these services, but also provide a guide to keep your tank bacteria-free for a long time.

Max Cleaners are extremely efficient in commercial water tank cleaning and they do this with perfect precision. Max cleaners now provide commercial water tank cleaning services in Delhi and commercial water tank cleaning services in Gurgaon .

Commercial Water Tank Cleaning Procedure

Following is an 8 step procedure of of commercial water tank cleaning services provided by Max cleaners, which makes them an expert in this industry:S

  • 1. Cleaning of the surrounding near the tank:
    The first ever commercial water tank cleaning service begins with the cleaning of the surroundings of the tank. The tank is deep cleaned along with its surroundings as it is generally found to be dirty due to the constant exposure to mud leading to the formation of algae. This step is very important too because dirty water is extremely harmful to health as it can lead to many serious diseases like jaundice etc. Cleaning of the surrounding area is equally important.
  • 2. Proper draining of the water:
    In the next step, an automatic machine is used to drain the water so that the water tank gets completely empty and then the cleaning procedure can begin.
  • 3. Removal of sludge collected in the tank:
    The third stage is focused on clearing the sludge collected inside the tank, which is done with the help of a special sludge pump. This process is done manually so that every corner of the tank is cleaned properly.
  • 4. Scrubbing the water tank:
    In this step, the water tank gets properly scrubbed inside out so that the dirt collected inside and outside the surface of the tank is removed. This can also help in removing fungus and hard water stains which are collected on the tank.
  • 5. High-pressure water Jet cleaning to clean germs:
    In this step, the cleaning of the ceiling and walls of the tank are kept in focus. High-pressure water jets are used to target germs and bacteria, which are developed over time due to the presence of oxygen and dampness in the tank. This step mainly focuses on removal of germs and bacteria present in and over the tank.
  • 6. Use of vacuum Cleaner:
    In this step, a vacuum cleaner is used to make the tank free of any kind of remaining dirt, which may be spoiling the water inside it. Vacuum cleaning is always a good choice because it helps to clean the tank thoroughly.
  • 7. Use of anti-bacterial spray to clean impurities:
    This is another important step in which max cleaners’ specially developed anti-bacterial sprays is sprayed on the ceiling and the inside walls of the water tank. This is done to avoid growth of any bacteria inside.
  • 8. The UV treatment:
    This is the last step of the commercial water tank cleaning in which UV radiations are used to kill any kind of bacteria that might be present in the tank and also prevent the growth of any further bacteria so that the water remains clean even after some time.

Commercial water tank cleaning is performed in the best way possible at Max Cleaners.